The management of BASTIDORES MORENO LOPEZ is responsible for establishing the quality policy. This policy is based on certain objectives, aimed at encouraging the improvement of services associated with the creation of the frames. From their very creation BASTIDORES MORENO LOPEZ has been completely dedicated to quality, as a unique way of achieving the loyalty of our customers who place their trust in us and in our services.

BASTIDORES MORENO LOPEZ considers it fundamental to understood quality as an important tool in order to position itself on the market and to ensure its permanence. We will manage to provide the best results to our customers, to society and to all of the staff that make up part of BASTIDORES MORENO LOPEZ, based on the following general objectives:

• Quality management as a main principle of the company.

• High performance that satisfies and improves the expectations of our customers by means of the compliance with both the requirements established by ourselves and those internal regulations employed by BASTIDORES MORENO LOPEZ.

• Awareness on behalf of all of the members of the company for the need to comply with the quality objectives established.

Continual improvement of the processes and services.  

Compliance with the applicable legislation in terms of regulations and requirements that the company establishes.


In the natural surroundings of the century old pine forests of Soria and Burgos is where the SORIA BURGOS PINE comes from, based on the good practice coming from traditional work in the area.

The quality of the Soria Burgos Pine wood is certified by an independent organisation, CESEFOR, that carry out rigorous controls in order to ensure a product of the utmost quality and guarantee.

The use of the brand guarantees the quality in both its origin and the process used. A respected work with the nobility of wood and, as is the case for the residents of the province, dedicated to the improvement of the rural environment.

Soria Burgos Pine wood has also been a pioneer in the certification of its use, the wood comes from the mountains of Soria, Burgos and La Rioja,  which have obtained the certification of Sustainable Forest Management.

The characteristics of the wood are:

• Guaranteed resistance, greater freedom of design and security.

• Certified humidity, adapted to structural use.

• Defined qualities in order to enable aesthetic virtues and the behaviour of the wood.

Soria Burgos pine wood is a reliable product subject to a double quality control in its phases of production and transformation. With a range of high quality products with a traditional value supported by the good practice of the area of the pine forests and aimed at innovation.

We have been dedicated to the environment for many decades and we are now the owners of the Sustainable Forest Management certification.